About Peter Foyo

Peter Foyo – Founder of Principal Standard Group

Peter FoyoA senior executive and entrepreneur with experience in domestic and international business, Peter Foyo is the founder and chief executive office of Principal Standard Group. In his leadership role with the financial firm, he develops and implements projects in sectors such as real estate, health care, energy, and communications. In recent years, Peter Foyo won a €1.5 billion bid to partner with Serbia Telecom on a communications project. In addition to building the first solar facility in Mexico, Principal Standard Group oversaw a $700 million health care project in Cancun.

Before founding Principal Standard Group, Peter Foyo spent 15 years as chief executive officer and chairman of Nextel de Mexico. His responsibilities at the Mexican telecommunications company included oversight of the NII Holding Mexican mobile division, which included over 4 million premium customers and revenues of more than $3 billion. During his time with Nextel de Mexico, he captured 30 percent of the postpaid market share in Mexico and created a team of more than 6,000 direct employees.

Peter Foyo spent the early years of his career with AT&T Corporation, beginning as a product planner in the computer systems division and advancing to become a corporate strategy director. As the leader of the AT&T/Telecom Italia regional network plan for Latin America, he established working partnerships with major telecom organizations such as Entel Chile, Entel Bolivia, and Telefonica Argentina.

Peter Foyo holds a bachelor of arts in international business and economics from Benedictine University in Illinois. A Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve, he also serves as a reserve U.S. Embassy Attaché.